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Industrial & Retail Bandsaws


Do You Already Own A Bandsaw?

You may need an engineer to maintain or repair your machine, you may need spare parts or high quality blades. Let our team do the hardwork and get exactly what you need at a fair price.

Do You Need A Bandsaw?

In which case let our team give you the benefit of over 40 years experience. Let's assess your needs and then we'll give you a completely FREE report with all of your options.

Never Bought A Bandsaw Before?

Then it can be very daunting to know which one (if any) will suit your needs. Its too easy to make a very costly mistake if you rush in so let our team guide you with a completely FREE introduction to bandsaws

Industrial & Retail Bandsaws

AKA The Versatile Cutters

Bandsaws are the most versatile of all the cutting machines available to food processors.

Whilst they are most commonly used to cut meat and fish we have known them used to cut object such as ice.

Safety is paramount with a bandsaw as they are a very dangerous piece of equipment so making an investment in a high quality machine goes a long way to keeping your team safe.

We have a wide range of bandsaws to offer from tabletop models for retail shops through to large carcass splitting machines for abbatoirs.

Our Most Recommended Machines

Best For:



Mainca BC2200

Best For:



Medoc STL350

Best For:



Kolbe K380-RS

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Bandsaw Comparisons

Bandsaw Comparisons

To help you decide which type of bandsaw you may need we have compared a selection of our favourite machines. This is not a complete list of of our range so once you have had a look just click on any of the boxes to send us your details and one of our experts will get in touch as soon as possible with all the options that will suit your requirements.

Tabletop Bandsaws

Prices Start From £1999 + VAT

There are hundreds of manufactures of tabletop bandsaws so we have narrowed the field to the two best. Both are manufactured in Spain by Mainca and Medoc and they use there exeprtise to build strong and reliable machines that prioritise safety along with reliability. Spare parts are readily available and all of our engineers have extensive experience with these models so servicing and repairs can be undertaken quickly.

This is just a small selection of the tabletop bandsaws we offer so the best thing to do is to click on the button below and send us your details so we can recommend the right machines for your needs.

Medoc ST230 Mainca BC1800 Medoc ST270 Mainca BC2200 Medoc ST320
Power Single Phase 1.5HP Single & Three Phase 1.5HP Single Phase 1.5HP Single & Three Phase 1.75HP Single & Three Phase 2HP
Max Cutting Height 220mm 230mm 270mm 310mm 320mm
Max Cutting Width 195 200 225 233 275
Blade Length 1740mm 1750mm 1985mm 2280mm 2340mm
Dimensions (H,W,L-mm) 935 x 560 x 695 875 x 515 x 514 1045 x 560 x 695 1090 x 610 x 615 1195 x 650 x 740
Weight 73 55 85 65 97

Floor Standing Bandsaws - Premium Range

Prices Start From £7285 + VAT

Our premium range of bandsaws are the Kolbe range. Manufactured in Germany to very high standards these are the machines we recommend the most to our customers. The standout features of these machines is that they are very 'light' on the blades so blades last longer than normal and very thin blades can be used which reduces wastage. Safety is a high priority in the design as well as ease of cleaning so there is no hidden build up of product.

Kolbe have a wide range of bandsaws for all heavy duty needs. Just click on the button below and give us your details so a member of our team can recommend the right solution for you,

Kolbe K330S Kolbe K380RS Kolbe K430S Kolbe K440RS Kolbe K430RT
Power 3 Phase 2HP 3 Phase 3HP 3 Phase 3HP 3 Phase 3HP 3 Phase 3.8HP
Max Cutting Height 320mm 340mm 415mm 415mm 367mm
Max Cutting Width 280mm 357mm 410mm 410mm 405mm
Blade Length 2490mm 3070mm 3370mm 3370mm 3370mm
Dimensions (H,W,L-mm) 1762 x 749 x 815 1856 x 924 x 960 1970 x 1018 x 1010 1970 x 1057 x 1031 1968 x 1018 x 1010
Weight 155 270 305 305 305

Floor Standing Bandsaws - Mid Range

Prices Start From £3665 + VAT

Sometimes a Kolbe can be too big for your space or the volume you cut doesn't justify the investment and in those cases we have no hesitation in recommending Mainca or Medoc's floorstanding range. They include models that are compact for busy retail spaces as well as larger models where space is less of an issue. Both Mainca and Medoc machines are available with single phase motors where three phase isn't available.

Sometimes a Kolbe can be too big for your space or the volume you cut doesn't justify the investment and in those cases we have no hesitation in recommending a Mainca or Medoc. This is just a small selction of the range so just click on the button below to give us your contact details and a member of the team will make the appropriate recommendations.

Medoc STL350 Mainca BC2800 Medoc STL390 Mainca BC3200 Medoc STL480
Power Single Phase & 3 Phase 3HP Single & Three Phase 3/2.5HP Single & 3 Phase Phase 3/4HP Single & Three Phase 4/3.5HP Three Phase Only 5.5HP
Max Cutting Height 350mm 352mm 400mm 400mm 480mm
Max Cutting Width 275mm 280mm 335mm 310mm 425mm
Blade Length 2500mm 2720mm 2910mm 3060mm 3500mm
Dimensions (H,W,L-mm) 1670 x 830 x 850 1690 x 765 x 753 1780 x 1010 x 895 1800 x 822 x 850 1950 x 1170 x 980
Weight 170Kg 126Kg 205Kg 160Kg 250Kg

Our Unique Offer

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Our Unique Offer

All of our machinery comes with 2 options depending on your circumstances. As standard our price includes delivery, up to £500 in credit for spare parts and a business essentials voucher to spend on anything in our store (the value is dependent on the machine you are buying).

Alternatively you can take our popular Cibamat upgrade which is packed full of value and includes 4 of the highest quality knives and plates for your machine a free service visit, free installation, free staff training and an extended warranty and you can add on a 3 year service contract at up to 40% off the standard price.


  • FREE Delivery

  • Standard Spares Credit

  • Bronze Business Essentials Voucher

  • Manufacturer's Warranty

The Cibamat Upgrade

  • FREE Delivery

  • Enhanced Spares Credit

  • Gold Business Essentials Voucher

  • Extended Warranty

  • 100 x Top Quality Bandsaw Blades

  • FREE Service Visit

  • FREE Installation

  • FREE Staff Training

PLUS Option of a DISCOUNTED 3 Year Service Contract

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Frequently Asked Questions


Which Bandsaw is the Best?

At the moment we recommend the Kolbe range of bandsaws. As one of our sub contractors put it 'They are bomb proof'. To steal a well known phrase they are also 'reassuringly expensive' which means Kolbe are able to reinvest in the continual improvement of their machinery,

They have produced a simple range that includes single phase machines through to very high volume production.

How much does a Bandsaw Cost

Bandsaws for retail stores range from £1900 to £4500 plus VAT

For medium sized catering butchers the prices go up to approximately £9500 plus VAT

The very largest bandsaws cost between £12,000 to £30,000 plus VAT

How often should I service my Bandsaw?

We recommend a bandsaw should be serviced by a qualified technician every 4- 6 months.

They are the most dangerous of all the food processing equipment so they need to be regularly maintained to minimise the risk of accidents

What type of blades should I use?

It will depend on the machine but we suggest the best blades you can get.

We supply blades by Burton Saw but Dakin Flathers and Atlantic Services also make good quality blades

There are a number of configurations avialable for blades so speaking to one of our advisers will help understand your requirements and enable us to find you the right match

If you fill out the enquiry form on this page then our bandsaw experts will ensure we match your machine with the best type of blade available.

What size machine do I need?

It all depends on your production volume and what you intend to cut.

If you are cutting a lot of very hard bone then you will need a more powerful machine.

Also if you are cutting large objects you need to make sure the cutting height will allow the product to pass through the blade.

Other factors to consider are where the machine will be placed and the power requirement as some machines may require an upgraded power supply which can add to the cost.

Can I get a single phase machine?


Many of the small to medium sized models are available in single phase

They generally cost a bit more than their 3 phase counterparts.

Do you offer service plans?

Yes we have comprehensive planned preventative maintenance contracts available all designed to keep your production running smoothly

Our network of engineers can cover the whole of the UK.

Do you install the machine?

Yes when we quote for a machine we offer three levels of pricing to suit all needs.

Delivery only for businesses with their own engineers

Delivery and installation with bonuses worth up to £2000

Who manufacturers Bandsaws?

We supply machines manufactured by Mainca (Spain), Medoc (Spain) and Kolbe (Germany)

There are many other manufacturers available in the UK such as Biro, Bizerba and KT

What is the biggest machine available?

The Kolbe K800 is our biggest machine.

They are designed to cutt whole carcasses and forequarters.

What is the smallest machine available?

The Mainca BC1800 is our smallest machine and is a tabletop machine perfect for small retail spaces

What is a Bandsaw?

A bandsaw is an industrial machine for cutting various food products.

A blade runs around two (or three) wheels at speed so as the product is pushed towards the blade it cuts it quickly without producing too much waste.

Can you process frozen product?

Yes the medium to large bandsaws are capable of cutting frozen products including those with hard bone.

What is the warranty?

It varies from each manufacturer but generally the industry standard is 12 months parts warranty.

We offer additional warranty cover to include labour and extensions over 12 months. Details of this will be included in any quote you receive from us.

What is Planned Preventative Maintenance?

Sometimes called service contracts our engineers will come and inspect your machine and conduct a service based on the manufacturers guidelines.

We change all wearable parts and these are designed to be changed regularly in order to protect the more expensive parts of the machine.

What are the most common faults?

9 times out of 10 most issues can be avoided if the operators change the blades more regularly

Blunt blades mean the machine has to work harder to cut the meat through and this can cause unecessary wear on the wheels and other moving parts and as a result the blade comes off.

Water ingress is a common fault where plugs and buttons are jet sprayed.

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Bandsaw Spare Parts

We supply spare parts for Bandsaws from Biro, Bizerba, Kolbe, KT, Mainca and Medoc

We want to make sure we get you the right spare part as quickly as possible.

To make sure we get the right spare part for you it is really helpful if you can provide a serial number for the machine and the part number itself.

Photos are very helpful too as it means we can check what we are sending you matches.

Just Fill Out The Form and our spares team will get onto it straight away.

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Bandsaw Blades

We supply bandsaw blades from Burton Saw

Our blades will fit any make of bandsaw.

Not changing blades regularly enough is the number one reason for machine failures.

Once a blade goes blunt then the machine will have to work harder to cut the meat often resulting in unecessary wear on the wheels and other moving parts.

Simply changing the blade regularly can save thousands of pounds.

Just give us a bit of information on the form and our spares team let you know prices and availability

Need Some Expert Help?

Investing in a bandsaw is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

Making sure you have considered all the options is crucial in making the right choice.

We have over 20 bandsaws in our range so we certainly have something for everyone.

Just fill in your details in the form and one of our team will get in touch straight away.

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Breakdown & Service Requests

Our network of engineers combines well over 100 years of experience working on food processing machinery.

Whether it is a large factory or a high street shop, pub or restaurant our engineers will have probably seen the issue before.

Whilst we are able to be reactive we much prefer to fix issues before they become breakdowns.

This is why our best relationships are with businesses who have regular maintenance programmes in place.

The advantages of this are immeasurable.

Not only do your machines breakdown less often, our engineers build up a knowledge of your business and machinery so we can carry more parts which ultimately means your machines are back at full capacity quickly.

Also our engineers are able to build strong relationships with your staff and this minimises the risk of misunderstandings and frustrations that can occur in stressful times.

So if you have an issue or would like to discuss how best to prevent stressful breakdowns just fill out the form and our service and breakdown team will jump on it straightaway.

Please leave your details below and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible or click Go Back to return to the Bandsaw page

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