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Tenderising & Strip Cutting

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AKA The Workhorses

Whether you want to create tender meat, cut into into strips or flatten it we have a machine to add value to your products so you can delight your customers.

Tenderising can take 2 forms - needle tenderising and blade tenderising.

Needle tenderisers are more delicate on the product whilst blade tenderisers are more versatile as the cutting sets can be changed to ones for flattening and strip cutting.

Our Most Recommended Machines

Best For:

Blade Tenderising

KT Semi Auto

Best For:

Needle Tenderising

Tenderstar TSHY

Best For:

Heavy Duty

Edertal IFM350

Your Delivery Options

All of our machinery comes with 2 options depending on your circumstances. As standard our price includes delivery, up to £500 in credit for spare parts and a business essentials voucher to spend on anything in our store (the value is dependent on the machine you are buying).

Alternatively you can take our popular Cibamat upgrade which is packed full of value and includes a free service visit, free installation, free staff training and an extended warranty and you can add on a 3 year year service contract at up to 40% off the standard price.


  • FREE Delivery

  • Standard Spares Credit

  • Bronze Business Essentials Voucher

  • Manufacturer's Warranty

The Cibamat Upgrade

  • FREE Delivery

  • Enhanced Spares Credit

  • Gold Business Essentials Voucher

  • Extended Warranty

  • FREE Service Visit

  • FREE Installation

  • FREE Staff Training

PLUS Option of a DISCOUNTED 3 Year Service Contract

Frequently asked questions

Which Tenderiser is the Best?

A lot of it depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Needle tenderisers are more gentle on the product and leave very little evidence that the meat has been tenderised whilst a bladed tenderiser will leave 'slash' marks. However with the bladed tenderisers from Edertal you can swap different sets to allow you to flatten meat for products such as schnitzel or cutting sets to produce strips for stir fries etc.

How much does a Tenderiser Cost?

Our manual schnitzel presses start at just over £500 whilst the smallest mechanical tenderisers start at just over £2000.

How often should I service my Tenderiser?

We recommend medium to large scale producers should have their tenderisers serviced by a qualified technician every 4- 6 months.

Manual tenderisers aren't cost effective to be serviced.

What size machine do I need?

It all depends on your production volume, the product you are filling and the outcome you want to achieve.

Once we know a bit more about your requirements we'll be able to advise on the most appropriate models for you.

Can I get a single phase machine?


Most of the small to medium sized machiens are available in single phase

They generally cost a bit more than their 3 phase counterparts.

Do you offer service plans?

Yes we have comprehensive planned preventative maintenance contracts available all designed to keep your production running smoothly

Our network of engineers can cover the whole of the UK.

Do you install the machine?

Yes when we quote for a machine we offer two levels of pricing to suit all needs.

Delivery only for businesses with their own engineers

Delivery and installation plus bonuses worth up to £2000

Who manufacturers Tenderisers and Strip Cutters?

We supply machines manufactured by K Mont (manual schnitzel press), Bizerba, Edertal (Germany), Lakidis (Greece), KT (Finland), Scharfen (Germany, Tenderstar (Belgium) and Vepa (Italy)

What is the biggest machine available?

The biggest machines are the Nowicki machines

What is the smallest machine available?

The K Mont manual schnitzel press is our smallest machine

What is a Tenderiser or Strip Cutter?

A tenderiser is a piece of food processing equipment that breaks down the tough sinew in the meat by puncturing it. There are two types of tenderisers needle and blade. The needle tenderiser is more delicate whilst the bladed version can be used as a strip cutter and flattener.

What is the warranty?

It varies from each manufacturer but generally the industry standard is 12 months parts warranty.

We offer additional warranty cover to include labour and extensions over 12 months. Details of this will be included in any quote you receive from us and depends on the delivery option you decide to take.

What is Planned Preventative Maintenance?

Sometimes called service contracts our engineers will come and inspect your machine and conduct a service based on the manufacturers guidelines.

We change all wearable parts and these are designed to be changed regularly in order to protect the more expensive parts of the machine.

Do you sell spare parts?

Yes we stock a wide range of spare parts and we have a wide network of suppliers meaning anything we don't have we can usually get hold of quickly.

Our range of spares includes parts for machines manufactured by K Mont (manual schnitzel press), Bizerba, Edertal (Germany), Lakidis (Greece), KT (Finland), Scharfen (Germany, Tenderstar (Belgium) and Vepa (Italy)

Just fill out the form on this page and our team will get you sorted asap.

Spare Parts

We supply spare parts for tenderisers and strip cutters from K Mont (manual schnitzel press), Bizerba, Edertal (Germany), Lakidis (Greece), KT (Finland), Scharfen (Germany, Tenderstar (Belgium) and Vepa (Italy).

We want to make sure we get you the right spare part as quickly as possible.

To make sure we get the right spare part for you it is really helpful if you can provide a serial number for the machine and the part number itself.

Photos are very helpful too as it means we can check what we are sending you matches.

Just Fill Out The Form and our spares team will get onto it straight away.

Need Some Expert Help?

Investing in a tenderiser is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

Making sure you have considered all the options is crucial in making the right choice.

We have well over 30 models in our range so we certainly have something for everyone.

Just fill in your details in the form and one of our team will get in touch straight away.

Breakdown and

Service Requests

Our network of engineers combines well over 100 years of experience working on food processing machinery.

Whether it is a large factory or a high street shop, pub or restaurant our engineers will have probably seen the issue before.

Whilst we are able to be reactive we much prefer to fix issues before they become breakdowns.

This is why our best relationships are with businesses who have regular maintenance programmes in place.

The advantages of this are immeasurable.

Not only do your machines breakdown less often, our engineers build up a knowledge of your business and machinery so we can carry more parts which ultimately means your machines are back at full capacity quickly.

Also our engineers are able to build strong relationships with your staff and this minimises the risk of misunderstandings and frustrations that can occur in stressful times.

So if you have an issue or would like to discuss how best to prevent stressful breakdowns just fill out the form and our service and breakdown team will jump on it straightaway.

Please leave your details below and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible or click Go Back to return to the Tenderiser page

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